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Occupational Therapy ServiceOccupational Therapy is one of the major branches of rehabilitative therapy. Through detailed assessments, individualised treatments and close monitoring, Occupational Therapists play a crucial role in improving patients' self-care abilities and helping them to resume normal lives as soon and as best as possible.

Here at the Hospital, professional services are provided to patients with different problems including orthopaedics, neurology, geriatrics, surgery, medicine and paediatrics, as well as cardiopulmonary problems and degenerative diseases.

Our Services

Cognitive-Perceptual Assessment and Training

Standardised assessments and individualised training programmes are conducted in wide-ranging aspects, including attention, memory, executive functions, visualspatial perceptual skills and other cognitive-perceptual skills.

Hand Function Assessment and Training
Standardised assessments and customised training programmes enhance different aspects of hand function, ranging from dexterity, manipulation, bilateral hand coordination, eye-hand coordination to writing and drawing.

Stroke Rehabilitation Programme
Patient-specific stroke rehabilitation programmes can enhance motor functions via neuro-developmental treatments and skills training.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment and Training
ADL training covers various aspects of daily living, e.g. feeding, grooming, dressing, toileting, bathing and home management skills.

Assistive Devices Assessment and Training
Patients are individually assessed on special requirements of assistive devices so as to enhance their independence and safety in day-to-day activities. Our Occupational Therapist will provide detailed guidance and recommendations to patients on choosing the most appropriate assistive device, which includes feeding aids, dressing aids, grooming aids, writing aids, anti-pressure sore cushions/mattresses, bath chairs/ showers, commodes, hoists, hospital beds, etc.

Wheelchair/Seating Assessment and Recommendation
The seating needs of patients are assessed on an individual basis. Our Occupational Therapist will identify and study the seating requirements of different patients, and recommend special seating devices and pressure relieving cushions for posture improvement, pressure relief during sit out and participation in normal activities with the use of a tailor-made seating system.

Pressure Garment
Patients who suffer from burns or have undergone surgeries are prescribed tailor-made pressure garments to reduce scar hypertrophy. Pressure garments and pressure stockings are also provided to patients with lymphoedema and varicose veins to alleviate edema and reduce symptoms related to chronic venous insufficiency.

Referral Procedures
A referral letter is required for inpatients as well as outpatients for appointments.

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