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Prosthetic & Orthotic ServicesProsthetic & Orthotic ServicesThe Prosthetic and Orthotic Services designs, fabricates, fits, maintains and repairs a full spectrum of prostheses, orthoses and other devices to assist individual patients in rehabilitation. We work closely with orthopaedic and other medical specialists, physiotherapists and nurses to help promote the highest possible levels of independence and function for patients of all ages and abilities.

Our Services

Prosthetic service

We provide one-stop service to patients from Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas. Our service includes pre-operative examination, the operation, post-operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and artificial limb (prostheses) design and fitting. The objective is to help patients resume their normal life as soon as possible. Please contact our therapist for details.

Upper limb prosthesis:
  • We provide functional and cosmetic upper limb prosthesis
Lower limb prosthesis:
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  • High energy response leg for running, trail walking and other sports
  • Computerised control lower limb prosthesis to provide extremely smooth gait pattern and minimise energy consumption

Orthotics service

We make external application (brace, splint, orthosis) to the problem body part in order to enhance the body part’s function or protect the body part.

Pediatric orthotic management:
  • Infant and pediatric orthotic management: e.g. Pavlik harness, AFO, Hand splint
  • Pediatric insole service: In Hong Kong, numbers of children suffers from different kinds of foot problem. We provide foot analysis to those children and make varies kinds of orthotic insole to treat their problems. (hyper-link to pamphlet)
  • Scoliosis: In Hong Kong, the number of children suffering from idiopathic scoliosis (curvature of the spine arising spontaneously) is notably common. Treatment should be started once the problem is found to reduce further deformity of the spine. We provide timely and effective orthotic treatment to reshape the spine in order to give optimal medical results. Please contact our therapist for details (hyper-link to pamphlet)
Custom-made foot orthosis (insole) service:
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Our professional orthotist provides a full range of foot assessments and analyses, and make individualised foot orthoses for patients with different foot problems or syndromes. Common foot problems
  •  Flat foot
  •  High arch feet  Hallux valgus
  •  Genu valgum, also known as “X-Knee” or “knock knee”
  •  Genu Varum, also known as “O-knee” or “bow leg”
  •  Heel spur
  •  Plantar Fasciitis
  •  Forefoot pain
  •  Diabetic foot
  •  Leg length discrepancy
  •  Other common foot problems (hyper-link to pamphlet)
Scoliosis spinal brace service:
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We provide timely and effective orthotic treatment to reshape the spine in order to give optimal medical results.Please contact our therapist for details (hyper-link to pamphlet)

Pectus bracing service:
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Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest) and pectus excavatum (funnel chest) are two kinds of common chest deformity. We are the pioneer to provide the high quality pectus bracing service to Hong Kong. We reshape the deformed chest through the brace and relative treatments. (hyper-link to pamphlet)

  Orthotpeadic orthotic management:
  • Finger splint
  • Dynamic hand splint
  • Static hand splint
  • Humeral fracture brace
  • Long arm brace
  • Hinge knee brace
  • ACL brace
  • Knee Brace for Osteoarthritic Knee
  • Underarm brace
  • Achilles tendon brace
  • AFO
Varies kinds of brace would be applicable in the orthopeadic and traumatic case. Most of the orthoses provide function through positioning, assisting motion or limiting motion. All kinds of orthoses are detachable for general hygiene and lighter in weight than traditional POP cast. Patient would experience a more comfortable healing process by using orthoses.

Neurological orthotic management:
According to varies stage of the neutrological problems, weakening and spasticity would happen in neurological clients. Our therapists will assess and provide different orthoses to our clients, to support and control the affect limbs in order to enhance the optimal body condition for further rehabilitation training.

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